Saturday, July 25, 2009

What I really think of your world .

Marc Jacobs' new t-shirts .

Two new political T-shirts arrived in the Marc by Marc Jacobs Accessories store on Wednesday, both scrawled with the words, "I pay my taxes, I want my RIGHTS!" Our favorite of the two depicts a chic, presumably lesbian couple clad in stiletos and little black dresses, their arms draped around each other and a baby (who, adorably, also sports her own mini-LBD). The other version has a dollar sign and an American flag floating around the text. Both are $24 at 385 Bleecker Street, where assistant store manager Bret Paterson says they've been selling. The response has been positive as they've been unpacking them over the past couple of days — mainly a mix of "well, they deserve it," remarks and delighted laughter, he says. According to a rep from the showroom, both are available in limited runs of around 200.

I must say I love it . I really think they should give gay-people all the rights we have . How are they different ? Because they love people of same sex ? Who cares , it's none of your problem just live y o u r lives . And all you homofobes can f*ck off .

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