Sunday, July 19, 2009

money money she makes it

Sun gave me a kiss today . I didn't resist .

There were 7 of us . Seven girls . Two days . And all we did was swim , tan and eat . Weather was extremely good . There was sauna , little boat and two guys who let us ride on waterscooter . But all we ate was crappy junk food and some salad . And I feel really bad and guilty about that junk food part . I feel like I'm bloated for 3 days now .

And now my body is covered in moisturizing after-sun cream which is supposed to take the redness away . Supposed to .

As soon as I got home I made myself bruchettas with mozzarella , pesto , honey and tomatoes .

I think my hair hates me right now . I didn't use any spray or sun mask and I didn't have a towel in my head to protect my hair yesterday in sauna so yeah .

And I miss miss miss miss my boyfriend who I haven't seen for 2 days . And I miss my best friend who I haven't seen for the whole summer because she's always away . And I miss my other best friend who i haven't seen since we ate french fries .

And I just HAD to copy-paste this from Modelinia :

I felt like they were talking about me ..

a leather jacket is a staple and leggings really are pants. Lingerie is not just to create cleavage anymore, but is an accessory . Time off is spent in boyfriend jeans and hipster Chuck Taylors.slinky dress, layered chains, and hard-core platforms is an uniform for nights , when working the scene is just part of the gig.

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