Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Diamond ring

I just made cheese raviolis and now it's raining . Rain means boyfriend . Rain also means shopping and drinking hot chocolate .
I used to hate rain , but now I know what it means . And I love when it rains .

I was actually planning to take some streetstyle pictures today . I hope fashionistas are not afraid of rain .
All streetstyle pictures will be uploaded to my blog for you to see and comment .
Meet me at downtown !


  1. Me Evaga mõtlesime ükskord, et kui me teeks streetstyle pilte siis üks päev näiteks kõikidest inimestest kes kannavad retuuse ja siis reastame need pärast blogisse -100C ja +100C aga see oleks vist natuke liiga karm :D