Thursday, July 30, 2009

smoking hot

Tonight I found 4 blogs that are new to me >

Le Fashion , Le Smoking , Le Love and Olsen Anonymous

As you already guessed or knew they are all one person's .

So now my computer is full of images from this girl's blogs . Not that it's a bad thing , oh no . Smoking i s bad for you but it's okay to LOOK at it , right ?
I also have a folder in my computer which is full of beautiful , stunning , gooooooorgeous people smoking . And I like it . I really do .

From Vogue editorials to celebrity streetstyle , Le Fashion has it all . You name it - it's there , and if it is not then you're always welcome to send new pictures to the author of the blog .

Le Love , yea you guessed it .

O.A is full of images of Olsen twins' style . Looks of the day are my favourite .


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