Sunday, May 31, 2009


A little sneak peek for the upcoming party .

Soon we'll tell you the date .
We're probably gonna make invites , so be patient ( or don't be ) and wait for yours .


Saturday, May 30, 2009

My strawberry afternoons aka why models have pale skin

Our lunch with mom ! Andd my hand and my mom's hand ..I think you know which one is mine

Why ?Because most of the time we're just not allowed ( except when your hot and from Brazil )


Wayfarer style glasses - La Senza
Champagne earrings - Arnika Salujärv / CAMYLAND
Silver Bracelet - John Paul Mitchell
Ring - Pisces
Shoes - Miss Sixty


Friday, May 29, 2009


editorials from Vogue , Harper's Bazaar , Elle , Numero .

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

3eme sexe

Oh and I thought that I would never get into that british , rock'n'roll , boyish style . Well my new favourite dress is my dad's old white tank top . Maybe it's that I'm so tired of all that dressing up and make up or maybe it's just Agyness .
I used to wake up 6.30 ( Lessons start at 8/9 ) and pick up my outfit and do the make-up - just for an ordinary day at school . Now the usual things I wear to school is just skinny jeans , tank top and a jacket or leggings and cardigan but always with heels ( even if they're not higher than 4 cm , like my sneaker-style navy blue wedges )oh and my wayfarer style shades . I don't do make up , sometimes concealer maybe .
At least I haven't taken up smoking and I still don't drink (hot)coffee .


The sound , the sound , the sound of my heels .

I got a little summerbreak present for myself .
These really gorgeous sailor-style navy blue platform shoes with cute white details . Perfcet to wear with 7/8 pants or dresses .

And there's another thing I'm going to buy and these are champagne earrings which I absolutely adore .

I hope you're having a great time , wheather is getting better and better every day and the school is soon over.



Karl Lagerfeld shot 19-year-old Harry Potter actress Emma Watson as a nun for French magazine Crash. She says of Karl, "This was a dream come true. We spent the whole day together and he can talk about anything — literature, art, science, modern culture. I was totally seduced."

[Daily Mail]


Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunday, May 24, 2009


I'm sorry , this time the post will be in estonian as I'm telling you about Supernoova fashion show and it takes place in Tallinn , Estonia . But if someone's intrested you can mail me for information :

Nädalavahetusel selgitas rahvusvaheline źürii Eesti moedisaineritekonkursi SuperNoova 2009 aasta võistluse finalistid. Esitatud sajakonna töö hulgast pääsesid 27.juuni toimuvale 11’da juubeli finaalvõistlusele 20 talenti.

Selle aasta konkurssile esitati kokku127 tööd, mille hulgast diskvalitseeriti tingimustele mittevastavuse tõttu 5 tööd. Mõlemast kategooriast valiti 10 finalisti. Esmakordselt toimus finalistide valimine interneti teel, mis andis võimaluse kaasata juba eelvooru žürii töösse mitmeid oma ala spetsialiste nii Itaaliast, Suurbritanniast kui ka lähiriikidest.

SuperNoova 2009 professionaalse kategooria finalistid tähestikulises järjekorras on:

Triin Isak
(ateljee-pood Pits, rõivadisainer) - I'm doin this shoooow !

Ksenia Jedomskihh

Ragne Kikas
( HAW Hamburg, moedisain, 5 semester)

Hanna Korsar
(vabakutseline tekstiili- ja moekunstnik)

Lyane Lind
(TTÜ materjalitehnoloogia magistrant)

Triinu Pungits
(vabakutseline tekstiili- ja moekunstnik)

Raigo Randes

Kirill Safonov
(tekstiili ja moe disainer)

Britt Samoson
(mood ja disain)

Külli-Kerttu Siplane (moekunstnik)

SuperNoova 2009 noorema kategooria finalistid tähestikulises järjekorras on:

Merilin Heinsoo
(Kuressare Gümnaasium)

Ingmar Jõela
(Viimsi Keskkool)

Siiri Kaseorg
(Kuressare Gümnaasium)

Kristel Kuslapuu (Vanalinna Hariguskolleegium)

Kristin Liias
(Kuressare Gümnaasium)

Piret Noor
(Tallinna Krstiine Gümnaasium)

Johanna Nurm
(Pirita Majandusgümnaasium)

Kristi Pedanik
(Nõo Reaalgümnaasium)

Maris Tustit
(Kuressare Gümnaasium)

Avely Vain (Tallinna 32. keskkool)

Selle-aastase eelvooru zürii liikmed olid:

Anu Merila Marie Claire peatoimetaja

Eve Hanson Ivo Nikkolo peadisainer

Reet Aus disainer 

Kalle Kuusela moefotograaf, Soome

Catharina Olsson disainer Rootsi

Elena Strahova Baltikumi Moeföderatsiooni president, Läti

Paolo Tomei MP management, Itaalia

Enrico Mambelli Diadora-Invicta Group tegevdirektor, Itaalia

Mandy Lennard moe-PR agentuuri juht, Suurbritannia

Eelvooruga algas suursündmus SuperNoova kevad fashionistadele, mis koondab enda alla kõik SuperNoova raames toimuvad eriüritused. SuperNoova ei ole enam pelgalt üks moegaala, vaid kevadine Tallinn täis erinevaid moesündmusi, mis suunavad inimeste tähelepanu moekunsti lainele, tuues tähelepanu kespunkti Eesti moedisainerid.

SuperNoova 2009 lõppvoor toimub 27.juunil 2009 algusega 20.00 Vene Teatris Tallinnas, mil rahvusvaheline źürii valib konkursi võitja vanemas ja nooremas kategoorias. Lisaks peaauhindadele antakse välja eriauhindu, mille välja selgitamisel saab oma hääle anda ka publik. Sellele järgneb afterparty klubis Privé ja Stereo Lounges, Harju tn 6, Tallinn.
SuperNoova 2009 finaalvõistluse limiteeritud arv pileteid jõuavad eelmüüki Vene Teatri kassasse ja Piletilevi müügipunktidesse üle Eesti alates 6.maist, kell 10.00 hommikul.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Drive , drive , drive !

Last year was all about floral prints and summer romance now it seems like the runways channeled their inner motorcycle mama . What goes around comes around . Everything our moms used to wear back in 70s , 80s and 90s are now the trendiest things ever. Most of us are not even over the leggings-mania and now theres acid wash jeans (DIY and most important : ripped shorts .
Shorts are 100% back and better than ever . Satin ones for evening and cutoffss for a day at beach , highwaisted , sailor- and savannah style . It's a game on it's own and you are more than welcome to play,truth be told, these styles are only viable for the .0005 percent of the population with the legs to pull them off. The remainder should just admire from afar .


Sunday, May 17, 2009


Henry Holland : 'Soo there's five styles which one is your favourite ?'
Jonathan Kelsey : ' These are my favourite . These little shoe-boots'
Henry :' I call them shoots'
Jonathan : ' You call them what?'
Henry : ' Shoots '
Jonathan : 'Oh'
Henry :' Shoots'

Haha cuties .


Saturday, May 16, 2009


Model of the moment , Daria Werbowy makes looking great absolutely effortless just by combining things right . It's not that you always have to wear expensive things - no - you just have to make them LOOK expensive . Most of the models mix designer clothes with vintage and second-hand ( I don't appreciate that one ) .

I love mixing clothes . My favourite things of the moment are 7/8 length pants ( very skinny ) , jackets a la Balmain , Dresses / skirts / accessories with studs and zippers . Most of my shoes are high heels with intresting details and I also have a few pair of ballerina flats , a pair of wedges and lots of sandals . I don't wear sneakers except canvas ones .
I don't wear jewelry very often but if I do then it must be something b i g .

I don't need much inspiration but it mostly comes from runways or model street style .

Friday, May 15, 2009

'Til you drop

GUCCI ? Okay it's not even GUCCI it's C U C C I written in there ! Seriously .. Is this a joke ? Okay maybe I wouldn't be so furious if there weren't any specific details shown but theres a runway picture taken ON LOUIS VUITTON SPRING 2009 RTW RUNWAY MODEL NR. 44 AND SHE CARRIES A BAG WITH LOUIS VUITTON MONOGRAMS .
L O U I S V U I T T O N , maybe you have heard of it ?!
Once again it proves that moms always knows best.
' Why do you read this . This magazine is sh*t'

Argh . I can't wait to live in London already ...

no xoxo

Bony knees

Ok , the ring is ready .

Good night everyone !