Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kanye For LV

At last some clear shots of the sneakers Kanye West designed for Louis Vuitton have emerged, produced by La MJC in Paris. He's been talking about these things for over a year, while Louis Vuitton has scarcely made mention of them. We were beginning to wonder if this shoe line was just one of Mr. Kanye's neurotic delusions, like alleged girlfriend Amber Rose, who one day we are convinced will disappear from our computer screen after a thorough rub of the eyelids. Anyway, Racked reports that the Louis sneakers will retail for $700 and up. Though they were supposed to launch for spring 2009, which has passed, they are now rumored to launch at the end of this year. Something to pontificate about at your next cocktail party: Who exactly is the customer? Spoiled 14-year-old girls, maybe. Sneakerheads, surely. But are they going to camp outside Louis Vuitton boutiques days in advance to get the shoes? Is Louis Vuitton prepared for that level of crowd control? When products as epic as these hit the market, riot gear isn't always enough.

Celeb Collabs: Kanye Moves Quickly From Nike to Louis Vuitton [Racked]

Sunday, June 28, 2009


As you can see my blog has a new header , hope you love it as much as I do .

Oh it's made by Tuuli , www.fallie.blogspot.com , amazing little girl who has a really great talent .
Thank you so much !


Thursday, June 25, 2009


Sacha Baron Cohen poses in the buff as Brüno on the cover of the new GQ. However, this is too risqué for Hudson News's taste, so one outpost in Chicago has elected to treat the magazine like porn and sell it with a black "blinder" covering the bottom half of the page. At least efforts like this ought to keep a few people employed.

What the fück ?
And a few months ago ..

So this doesn't need any covering ? Oh right sorry ... she's not naked - she wears a tie - my bad .

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hide .. or seek , it's up to you

No doubt , Coco Rocha can pull off any look . But... I liked the redhead soooooo much better !


...and black

It's okay Coco , EVERYONE s t i l l loves you , no matter what . And most of them even love your new hair .

Which one do you like ?

Monday, June 22, 2009


Came across this amazing model while on models.com

Sharon Van De Pas

Can't sleep , clowns will eat meh

Everyoooooone -
any cool must-visit shops in Tallinn ?


I'm extremely afraid of darkness

I hate racism

I don't eat meat

I have more heels than flats

My favourite colour is black

I love british accent , especially Manchester's .

I speak Estonian , Russian and English with no problem plus I study French

I have taken ballet , swimming , modelling , street dance , show dance and surfing classes . Played basketball , tennis ,volleyball , soccer , rode a horse and snowboarded

I can't sing

My boyfriend looks like he could be Jamie Burke's twin

I used to hate my height

I'm allergic to kiwis

I have a pink guitar , but I don't know how to play

I have never broken any bones or had a surgery

I have 2 dogs

I hate waiting

I love to sleep but usually I wake up too early

I hate zoos and circuses

My extreme politeness sometimes pisses people off

I have a dream to live in Paris or London

I have skiid since I was 3

I love my name

I had really short hair in 5th grade

I have had my hair coloured to : blonde , brunette , pink , orange , red

I love my mom very very very very very very much

My dad's russian

I have a brother I haven't heard from for 5 years

I have 134 birthmarks on my hands

I love dark bread , I eat it plain

My dream car is Mustang

I'm a biiig dreamer

I love to eat at restaurants and cafes

I'm not a fan of small kids

I love pop-art

I love to hug

I love men's fragrances

I'm really emotional

My dad wants me to be a lawyer

Serious-looking people scare me

My grandpa is cool

Sunday, June 21, 2009


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Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm rated x and ain't gonna sell sex

stiamo avendo pranzo al ristorante italiano oggi .

cold ass b#tch

You know her ? Lucky you !

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Push it push it , watch me work it , I'm perfect !

Tired of high heels and tight dresses ( well not really but..) Wish you could wear something comfortable but still sexy . God , this sounds like a cheap TV commercial . BUT
Summer of 2009 is all about sporty . Colourful leggings , tank tops , t-shirts . And if you now feel like an athlete you have the permission to add heels .

My favourite sport ? Easy .

But the best accessory is a cute vintage bicycle .. which I'm desperately searching for .

Most of the high fashion designers sell sport equipment ( Chanel , Fendi , Hermes etc. ) or have sport-clothing lines ( Stella McCartney for Adidas ) and even Nike has some cute pieces . I bought high-heeled sneakers and I need to find some tennis dresses and sneakers ( I saw a pair of Lacostes in this month's Vogue ,I guess I'll buy them in Tallinn )


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Monday, June 1, 2009

Only words I know in Japanese are > suki-yaki , wasabi , teriyaki , kappa maki ( I eat them )

Japan seems to be a hot topic right now so here's what I found about Tokyo's shops .
Text is taken form www.blogs.vogue.es and I used spanish translator to translate this text from spanish to english for you to read.
Enjoy !

If I speak of a city of reference at the time of perderte between thousand stores and to discover true pieces of collector, insurance that to the mind of anyone shopping-addict come images to him from the SoHo of New York, the Rive Gauche of Paris or Notting Hill in London. But no. I speak of Tokyo.
The Japanese capital has become referring an essential one at the time of speaking fashionable. The tendencies see in their streets before in no other site of the world. The perception of the fashion is much more ample and important that in any European capital and the taste, in most of the cases, is assured. There Perhaps for that reason Prada decided to erect its more important store at world-wide level, created by the office Herzog & of Meuron?
Two are the main zones of purchases: Ginza and Shibuya.
Ginza is classic high class zone, where you will be able to find the companies most important. From Lanvin to Salvatore Ferragamo (with a building-tower decorated with lights of colors), Cartier, Tiffany, Bulgari, Louis Vuitton or the spectacular store of Chanel, with a facade-screen where different projections from the company/signature can be seen. You either do not lose department store that there are in the street, like exclusive the Mitshukosi. A peculiar data. So it is the amount of light of the street at night that, if beams a photo, does not jump the flash. In addition, in that classic dispute between technology and tradition that is Japan, also you will find small stores where they buy Japanese the complements for its elegant kimonos.

Shibuya is the district trendy. By its narrow and coquetas streets (in contrast with those of Ginza), you will find the stores of Marc Jacobs, Anna Sui, DKNY, Ralph Lauren and, even, American Apparel. Also it is perfect to find designers national (Comme DES Garçons, Comme ça, Miharayasuhiro…) as well as articles vintage. In the main street, Omotesando, is where they are located most of the great companies, like Dior with a building of white light, Bottega Veneta, or Loewe, in a spectacular iron building.
But they are two companies those that call the attention in the district. The buildings of Tod' s and Prada in Omotesando have been able by own right to appear between the essential ones of Tokyo. The spectacular outer configuration of both (first it simulates a forest and the second is resembled a mineral) leaves to step a futurist decoration, in the case of Prada, or to a giant store with an attic destined to exhibitions, Tod' s. Two stores museum that perfectly summarize the consumista spirit of exquisite taste that turns to Japan a country reference for the fashion. In order to point in shopping guide.

The translation is not the best , hope you understand .

Ok , back to my exam.