Monday, June 22, 2009

Can't sleep , clowns will eat meh

Everyoooooone -
any cool must-visit shops in Tallinn ?


I'm extremely afraid of darkness

I hate racism

I don't eat meat

I have more heels than flats

My favourite colour is black

I love british accent , especially Manchester's .

I speak Estonian , Russian and English with no problem plus I study French

I have taken ballet , swimming , modelling , street dance , show dance and surfing classes . Played basketball , tennis ,volleyball , soccer , rode a horse and snowboarded

I can't sing

My boyfriend looks like he could be Jamie Burke's twin

I used to hate my height

I'm allergic to kiwis

I have a pink guitar , but I don't know how to play

I have never broken any bones or had a surgery

I have 2 dogs

I hate waiting

I love to sleep but usually I wake up too early

I hate zoos and circuses

My extreme politeness sometimes pisses people off

I have a dream to live in Paris or London

I have skiid since I was 3

I love my name

I had really short hair in 5th grade

I have had my hair coloured to : blonde , brunette , pink , orange , red

I love my mom very very very very very very much

My dad's russian

I have a brother I haven't heard from for 5 years

I have 134 birthmarks on my hands

I love dark bread , I eat it plain

My dream car is Mustang

I'm a biiig dreamer

I love to eat at restaurants and cafes

I'm not a fan of small kids

I love pop-art

I love to hug

I love men's fragrances

I'm really emotional

My dad wants me to be a lawyer

Serious-looking people scare me

My grandpa is cool


  1. Nu nordik (y) , aga kus asub namarie ?

  2. nu nordik on ma arvan lahedam, aga namaries oli jällegi palju riideid - üsna samad disainerid, kes camylandis ka.
    see asub muidu üsna viru keskuse lähedal WW passaazis

  3. nope. i didn't know that. but i'm glad i do now. i wish i were a linguist and took ballet.