Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kanye For LV

At last some clear shots of the sneakers Kanye West designed for Louis Vuitton have emerged, produced by La MJC in Paris. He's been talking about these things for over a year, while Louis Vuitton has scarcely made mention of them. We were beginning to wonder if this shoe line was just one of Mr. Kanye's neurotic delusions, like alleged girlfriend Amber Rose, who one day we are convinced will disappear from our computer screen after a thorough rub of the eyelids. Anyway, Racked reports that the Louis sneakers will retail for $700 and up. Though they were supposed to launch for spring 2009, which has passed, they are now rumored to launch at the end of this year. Something to pontificate about at your next cocktail party: Who exactly is the customer? Spoiled 14-year-old girls, maybe. Sneakerheads, surely. But are they going to camp outside Louis Vuitton boutiques days in advance to get the shoes? Is Louis Vuitton prepared for that level of crowd control? When products as epic as these hit the market, riot gear isn't always enough.

Celeb Collabs: Kanye Moves Quickly From Nike to Louis Vuitton [Racked]

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  1. odavad kossid .. :D ma lugesin kuskilt et 870 dollarit :)