Sunday, June 14, 2009

Push it push it , watch me work it , I'm perfect !

Tired of high heels and tight dresses ( well not really but..) Wish you could wear something comfortable but still sexy . God , this sounds like a cheap TV commercial . BUT
Summer of 2009 is all about sporty . Colourful leggings , tank tops , t-shirts . And if you now feel like an athlete you have the permission to add heels .

My favourite sport ? Easy .

But the best accessory is a cute vintage bicycle .. which I'm desperately searching for .

Most of the high fashion designers sell sport equipment ( Chanel , Fendi , Hermes etc. ) or have sport-clothing lines ( Stella McCartney for Adidas ) and even Nike has some cute pieces . I bought high-heeled sneakers and I need to find some tennis dresses and sneakers ( I saw a pair of Lacostes in this month's Vogue ,I guess I'll buy them in Tallinn )


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