Monday, April 6, 2009

Answers .

What is your favourite magazine ?

Vogue and Harper's Bazaar .

What's your height ?

177 cm

What's your goal in life ?

I want to work as a model and be successfull in it .

What are you intrested in ?

Fashion , drawing , photography , cooking , dancing , decoration .

Do you have a big closet ?

No . I have two small ones . And they're ''over-flowing'' with clothes . But I have nothing to wear .

Who's your favourite model ?
Sasha Pivovarova , Tanya Dziahileva , Agyness Deyn , Chanel Iman .

Why did you decide to have your own blog ?

I enjoy to write and I really intrested in fashion , new trends and so on . And maybe someone very important reads this - you never know ...

How old are you ?

Have you ever made clothes yourself ?
Yes sure . I used to make a lot of clothes myself when I was younger . Now I just have less time but I really like sewing .Right now I'm working on a skirt .

Do you have any animals ?

Yes , I have two dogs . Dolce and Sergo . ( I will upload a photo soon )

Do you prefer any material in clothes ?

Not really but I try to wear as little leather as possible . The only leather things I Have are belts , bags and some shoes . ( Maybe a few details on clothes but I can't think of any right now )

Where do you shop ?
In malls and small boutiques . I also buy and order clothes from foreign countries . I don't go to second hand shops or to very cheap shops . I don't like wearing exactly same things as others .

Do you have a favourite brand ?

I like many brands . I always like SOMETHING in any collection .
Miu Miu , Missoni , Chloe , John Galliano , Karl Lagerfeld , Louis Vuitton , Yves Saint Lauren , Blumarine , Lanvin , Jeremy Scott , Betsey Johnson etc . ( There are sooooo many more that I like )

What colour are your eyes ?


Do you wear any jewelry ?

Sure . I like vintage and retro stuff .


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