Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So so so so so sorry again ! :(

Ooooh , nice pants Kate !

My favourite Miss Sixty's have a huge hole in them and i have no idea where it came from . I've been really heart broken . But fortunately the store has another pair of number 27 . Woohoo !

My best friend has a birthday on 13th april and .. I'm pretty sure she's throwing a party but if not - I'm gonna make her do it .
I'm not at school right now ( ill ) , I'm sitting at home and it's soo boring I have already sorted all my Vogues by season and year so I thought I should decide what I'm going to wear on Kaari's b-day party ..

The pictures is pretty bad , sorry . So it's a violet-grey fringe dress and it's really silky . The bag is all covered with black spangles .
This dress was a gift for christmas by this same girl . It's my favourite thing in my closet right now .
And my mom promised to help to make her a really big pink cake . I hope Kaari doesn't read it .

Oh oh oh . One more thing . Yesterday I mailed an modelling agency asking if it's possible for me to finish the school and work at the same time and she wrote me a letter back alread yesterday but I saw it today . And it said that yes yes yes ofcourse it's possible and I can always like do my studies on computer when I'm away etc . She also asked my measurments so now I'm waiting for the answer .

xoxo ,

Simona .

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